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Temario para examen de Auxiliares de Cátedra del Departamento de Idiomas

Departamento de Idiomas, Fac. CC y HH. 2015


Contenidos que se incluirán en Prueba para Candidatos a optar para Auxiliares de Cátedra del Deparmento de Idiomas.


1.    EnglishTeachingMetholodology.

1.    English language teaching methods and the teaching of macro skills, and lesson planning,

2.    English Grammar

3.    Parts of speech, parts of a sentence and different verb tenses.

4.    Paragraph and Essay writing:

5.    Topic sentence, introductory and concluding sentences and paragraphs, coherence, cohesion and punctuation.

6.    4. Reading comprehension.

7.    Getting main ideas, vocabulary in context, inferences, and finding antecedents.

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